Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Night: Cinnamon Ice Cream and Cookies

Trust me, its how all of our Thursday nights should end.

Cinnamon Ice Cream

You know how I was looking forward to the cake?  I was looking forward to the cinnamon ice cream even more.  And it did not disappoint.  And it was easy.  And I have an ice cream maker, and have discovered that making ice cream is pretty easy.  So what i'm saying is... I foresee at least 5 pound of fat creeping around my stomach due to the crazy amounts of cinnamon ice cream that I foresee making and eating.

So, getting around to making it:

I just put the cream, milk, cinnamon stick (which was split in 2), a container of egg yolks, and some sugar in a big saucepan, and let the cinnamon 'infuse' for 30 minutes.

Then I strained it.

And then it was done!  (well, except needing to chill and be put into the ice cream maker)

The custard base tasted like the milk from cinnamon toast crunch, except without the weird residue.  It was so good, I literally could not keep myself out of the pan.  To the point where I was licking it to get the last little speck stuck in the corner.  Mmmm....

Cookies for the Veloute:

The veloute is cleverly cooked on cookies, which makes it a lot easier to slide on and off the cookie sheet.  The cookies seemed like they were going to be a giant pain, due solely to the presence of rolling and cutting utensils (I hate rolling things), but they really weren't too bad.  [i'm totally lying here, they were a giant pain, but the big glass of wine I had while cooking make it a lot better]

So, the dough itself was pretty easy: just combine everything in a mixer.

Then I had to roll it out on a silpat:

Then freeze it (getting more obnoxious... putting cookie sheets in my freezer is not easy):

Then cook it enough to thaw it out, and then cut the cookies:

And then cook them some more.  Done at last!

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