Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The One In Which I Catch Up

(or at least the entry in which I catch up)

Today's entry features... random musings on the state of things!

(1) I'm moved into my house, in most senses of the word.  I'm missing some basic home essentials - like kitchen drawers and baseboard and walls without holes - but our renovations are coming to a close.  At least in theory.  And as soon as I have kitchen drawers, I can take the 'after' pictures for 'before' and 'after'!

(2) I'm insanely behind on the '1 year' goal.  Never going to happen now, especially since my house is about to bankrupt me.  But i'm almost ready to push on... just as soon as I have kitchen drawers.

(3) I remember reading Carol Blymire's blog about cooking through The French Laundry Cookbook, with the hilarious tagline about not being able to get a reservation.  I think I need to adopt that tagline... since I have tried for three days straight and have failed.  And in the process have probably used all of my rollover minutes (how many times can you get a busy signal in half an hour: 156.  Per phone, and I had two.  Plus my husband.  Boo!  My trip to Napa coincides with the Nike Woman's Half Marathon that I am running (ok, probably walking based on training as of late).  No luck getting a reservation around then.  So, if anyone has room for 2 at a table on October 16th, 17th, or maybe even 18th.... invite me!

(4) I'm contemplating my next dinner, even though I don't have kitchen drawers... i'm thinking a fig theme, since they will soon be out of season: Salad of black figs with roasted sweet peppers; (2) lobster with poached figs and foie; (3) squab with swiss chard, foie, and dried figs; and (4) vanilla roasted figs with vanilla ice cream.  I thought i'd be able to make it marginally cheaper by stealing figs from the front of my old house.  But, a couple of days before we moved, I came home to this (taken with my iphone):

I'm guessing that it won't have any fruit any time soon.  Yeah, no such thing in life as a free fig.