Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dinner 4: Its on...

Actually, i'm writing this after we had dinner, so technically its over, but i'll be writing about it during the coming week.

It's funny, i'm starting to internally think about these dinners in 'Friends' titles.  As in, 'The One where I almost set the kitchen on fire.'  This dinner will be known as 'The One with the Ravioli.'  Note the intentional capitalization.

In other internal musings, i'm noticing that this is actually getting easier.  I don't know if i'm just becoming a more skilled cook, or if I just happened to pick an easy menu, or if i'm getting better at reading all of the directions ahead of time (unlikely given my two spur of the moment grocery store trips)... but its losing the freak-out aspect before I do unfamiliar things.  Now its more like 'Oh, i've kind done something like that, no biggie.'  Hopefully that will carry over to the pigs head.

Now, the menu!

Canape - English Pea Soup with Truffle Oil and a Parmesan Crisp
First - Sweet Potato Agnolotti with Sage Cream
Entree - Pan roasted striped bass with artichoke ravioli and a bunch of other stuff (I don't actually have TFL beside me as i'm writing this)
Dessert - Chocolate Veloute with Cinnamon Stick Ice Cream

I've drooled over the last item ever since I first picked up the book.  This dinner kind of got rearranged into a going away dinner for a friend who decided to pack everything away, quit her job, and move to Italy (my response: 'Congratulations, its all so very Eat Pray Love of you.'  And utter jealousy.)  With the rearranging, I decided that the most spectacular looking and sounding dessert was in order.  And ohmygod it was so good.  More on that soon! 

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