Monday, April 30, 2012

Updates All Around, Dinner # I-Lost-Count

So, my reader (again, singular) may have noticed my prolonged absence.  Despite my lack of blogging, I have still kept cooking (kind of).  Two more dinners since my last post, which I will blog about, someday.  Likely while I am on maternity leave.  Yep, we are having another baby, a little girl, and I cannot wait.  Unlike with my first, I did not suffer from the kind of morning sickness that is utterly life-altering and renders one incapable of doing anything.  But I didn't feel like eating much of anything, yet alone something squicky like oysters (which reminds me... need to get the raw oyster dishes out of the way while I can still beg off because I am pregnant!).  So, an extended absence.  But then I started reading all these things about how the sale of foie gras won't be permitted in California anymore, and I realized that I still have FOUR recipes that need foie, and I thought "I better get myself in gear."  I did, and i'm glad I did.  My husband emerges from a pool peaceful, like his soul is better for a swim.  I emerge from a kitchen the same way (well, if you ignore the screams at my dogs to GET.OUT.of the way.)

And, so, for my most recent dinner, I loaded up on the foie:

Starter: Gruyere Cheese Gougeres
First: Gewurzterminer-Poached Foie Gras
Second: Lobster with Poached Figs and Foie Gras
Main: Pekin Duck with Corn and Morels
Dessert: Strawberry Shortcakes with Creme Fraiche.  I can feel little E bouncing around in my stomach just thinking about this deliciousness!