Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The other day at Costco, I was just wandering down the aisle (looking for blood orange juice for the hub-sters)... and I wandered right into the Vitamix road show display.

After sending a text message to said hub-ster (who was busy watching basketball or engaged in some other man-like activity at home) asking if I could buy myself my birthday gift a month early, and after interpreting his lack of response as an implicit 'yes,' this bad boy jumped into my cart to go to his new home:

Ah, its so much better than my old, broken blender that was sure to become even more broken as this project progresses.

After only my second use, I managed to break the tamper.  Go me!  The best part is that the co-worker who I borrowed the Vitamix from in order to make beet juice mocked me for a good five minutes for breaking it already... and using it in a way i'm not supposed to... then broke his the next morning.  Karma exists, just saying.

I've made more smoothies and protein shakes and regular shakes in the last week than I have in the last two years, which is a Good Thing (well, except the milkshakes).  Yay Vitamix!

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