Monday, March 28, 2011

A Moment of Silence

My mac, with all of my pretty food pictures, crashed.  Crashed hard, like the hard drive died.  *A moment of silence for all of the lost photos, documents, planning, and music*

 Mac is currently sitting at the apple store, awaiting a new boot drive... so no new posts until he's back.  And some of those posts may or may not have pictures, depending on what we are able to recover from the drive (i'm decent about backing stuff up, but I haven't backed any of my French Laundry pictures, boo).

In the meantime, I had another dinner on Saturday, and i'm really zipping through the book.  20% down!  And, really more like 25%, considering that the blini will all be done at once.  Yippee, I might actually do this!

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