Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Stunning Admission

Up for the Thursday night before dinner: basil oil, sauce gribiche, and some roasted tomatoes.

First, basil oil: blanch, add oil, puree. Sounds so simple, yet takes so long to clean up. Never once stop to check the book to see if you REALLY need basil oil, or instead, like the dumbass you are, wrote "basil oil" when charting out what to do when and really meant "the beginning part of basil vinaigrette." Realize this just after cleaning up when checking the checklist against recipes.

But, whatever, now I had basil oil puree in my freezer, just waiting for straining whenever I really need basil oil.

Item #2 on the list: Sauce Gribiche, for the mussels that I will FORGET TO SERVE on Saturday night. Whoops, a little foreshadowing there.

Sauce Gribiche basically should be a test on how well you mince. Because I felt like I minced thirty things for this damned sauce.

And then I got to the hard boiled egg. I don't like them, I have never made one in my life, so I am forced to google how to make one. I google it, I watch instructional videos, I cook one. I break open the egg after a sufficient cooling period. Uncooked egg white flows everywhere, so I hard boil a second. I only needed half of it, so I put a little salt and pepper on it... and fed it to my husband.

Sometimes its nice to have a human garbage disposal for a husband.

Item three: Roasted Tomatoes

Easiest thing ever. Slice a tomato into thirds, drizzle olive oil, sprinkle thyme, salt pepper. Roast for an hour. Looks delicious (even before cooking), right?

I wouldn't know, since i'm allergic to tomatoes. Which blows during this project, since at least 20% of the recipes have a tomato component.

So, I don't read directions, I can't hard boil an egg properly, and i'm allergic to tomatoes, thus I will not get to enjoy the second course with everyone. You can pick your "stunning admission" (although I think its obvious - what crazy chic thinks she can cook her way through TFL when she can't HARDBOIL an EGG!!!). I know.

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