Monday, February 21, 2011

Dinner #4 - Its going to happen someday...

The problem with this time of year is birthdays.  Birthdays, and birthday parties, it seems like every single weekend from now until... i'm not sure when (late April-ish - I guess summer lovin' is real).  Which makes it a lot harder to have a *few*,  as opposed to a ton, of people over for dinner.

So, expect a little delay in the next dinner party over here at project dinner party.  BUT I will be posting some things i've been making as weekday-when-I-have-lots-of-time/Sunday dinners from Ad Hoc.  I'll also be posting some essentials - veal stock is currently simmering away on my stove.

And, in case you're curious, next up for dinner:

Starter: Blini-fest!  In which I make all blini recipes at once
First: Chestnut Agnolotti
My first meat dish: Pot au Feu
Dessert: "Candied Apple"

A challenging menu, but large portions can be done ahead of time.  AND I have a slow period coming up at work (at least, that's how it seems), so i'll have time for tons of weeknight prep.  My prelim date for this insane menu is March 12th... hopefully I can squeeze it in between birthdays!

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