Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dinner #3: Chocolate Cakes with Red Beet Ice Cream and Toasted Walnut Sauce

So, you know how I almost set my kitchen on fire?  These made up for that.

Quick recap, since the recipe has been strewn about:

(1) Making beet juice in a Vitamix looks like I murdered someone

(2) Beet ice cream is pretty at all stages (and, might I add, a great Valentine's food, if you are going with a red theme)

(3) I love chocolate, especially when in comes in the form of flourless chocolate cake

(4) Beet chips are surprisingly delicious

(5) It takes forever to reduce poaching liquid to 2/3 a cup for toasted walnut sauce, but the resulting candied walnuts look yummy.

And, now that we have recapped:

I had finished all of the thirty-billion parts that go into this dessert.  All that was left to be done was un-molding the cakes.  I put a little warm water in the bottom of a pan (at least, I think this is what I did - i'm a lightweight, so i'm pretty toasty three glass of wine in).  I won't say they unmolded "easily," but they came out pretty well.

I (mostly) dropped each cake into a small circle of toasted walnut sauce.  Around the chocolate cake, I stacked a few beet chips, a scoop of beet ice cream, a couple of walnuts.  Then I sprinkled the tops of the beet chips with a little powdered sugar.

The result:

I would have taken more pictures, but the vultures were circling.  The verdict?  Unabashed love.  By male and female alike, even my chocolate-hating husband (ok, ok, he doesn't really hate chocolate, but he's not a fan).  I was practically shoved into the kitchen when I said that I had more cakes, ice cream, chips, and walnuts.  Rather than attempt to plate more, I just brought each of the dishes out and let people scoop out more.  I considered licking my plate.  The sauce, the bittersweet cake, the not-too-sweet beet ice cream, which was like gelato in texture, it all just came together so well.  I'm drooling thinking of it now.

I didn't even have to ask what the best dish of the night was.  Hands down, chocolate cake and beets are my new favorite weird-flavor combination.

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