Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Words: Chocolate Veloutes Come Together

now alternatively titled: Saturday's Dessert - The only picture I have of this dinner 

At this point, pretty much everything was done: ice cream, cookies, cakes.  I pretty much just needed to put everything together and make chocolate sauce.

First, I took my cakes and put them on my cookies.  Easy enough, right?  The cakes didn't want to come out, so I was trying to push them without mangling them.  What ended up being the MOST annoying part of this, though, was that my biscuit cutter - which I measured, because I had no idea how big it was - ended up being 1/2" smaller - not bigger, like I thought - than the supposedly 2" ring molds that I bought for the veloutes (which are actually 3").  So the cookie really wasn't big enough to do its jobof holding the cake.  But, the cookie was sticky enough and the cake was cold enough for the cookie to stick to the bottom, and it held, so it was cool.  After finally getting the cakes dislodged from the rings, I tossed them in the oven.

While the cakes were baking, I made chocolate sauce - basically a bunch of chopped chocolate, some cream, and some corn syrup, melted together.  This took like 2 minutes.

I took out the ice cream and used my real 2 1/2" round to make ice cream rounds (which I stuck into the freezer to stay cold until the last possible second).

With about a minute to go on the cakes, I plated the chocolate sauce, grabbed the ice cream rounds and put them in the bowls, and then slid the cake onto the top of the ice cream.

And it worked!  They stayed!  (for the most part)  Even though the cookie wasn't big enough!!

The taste: amazing, as i'm sure you could imagine.  Hot chocolate, cold cinnamon cream, chocolate sauce, chewy cookie... mmmmm...drool.  Pretty much unanimous, even from chocolate-hating husband.

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