Saturday, April 2, 2011

English Pea Soup

Mac boot drive's death is permanent.  So sad.  Still trying to recover photos, though, so maybe i'll add them in at some point.  This dinner will be brought to you by... totally boring inadequate descriptions!

Other than the delightful hour and a half I spent shelling english peas, this soup was super fast and easy (and, seriously, the hour and a half shelling peas was delightful - I spent it watching tv).

First, I shelled peas.  

[here is where a picture would go if my computer hadn't died and eaten them]

After shelling the peas, I blanched them, plunged them in cold water, dried them, them put the food processor.

Then I pushed the puree through a tamis, added some stock, seasoned, blended some more.. and it was ready!

I also made parm crisps while I was blanching the peas - which I have pictures of from the first time I made them.  Except this time I didn't have to shove them in egg crates, so they were a lot quicker.

This was so easy to make that I was actually able to set the cups out for the soup, set the table, pour glasses of wine - it took way less than the hour I set aside.  Probably the first thing ever that took LESS time than I thought.

(this is what we call a leeeetle back-focused.. but the color is pretty cool, right?)

The soup was nice and stable, too, so I was able to leave it over low heat on the oven until my guests arrived.  Right before serving, I stirred in the truffle oil, and covered with the parm lid.

It was pretty, even though I can't show anyone.  Boohoo.  Maybe i'll make it again just to take pictures because it was delicious.

Specialty Produce - english peas
Venissimo Cheese - super delicious parm
Whole Foods - truffle oil

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