Monday, January 31, 2011

Dinner #3: Things Heat Up

Brandon is pushing me to try and cook the whole book in a year. In addition to being very un-original, I think the idea of this is insane. But, humoring him, I've charted out a year's worth of four course meals. In an excel spreadsheet, of course. Balanced to have the appropriate amount of pre-prep and a la minute prep. And delicious-sounding food with scarier food (ie if you eat oysters and soft-shell crabs, you get rewarded with chocolate molten cake and cinnamon ice cream). And purely pescatarian meals for my pescatarian friend. I've also charted out seasonal ingredients, special internet ordering, and super expensive items that may require a little savings/grocery scrimping. Because that's how I roll.

So, next up:

- parmigiano-reggiano crisps with goat cheese mousee

- Tomato tart with nicoise tapenade (while tomatoes aren't in season, we had a little hot spell here, so I'm hoping tomatoes are good… and this requires tapenade, which I am never making again if I can help it, so I wanted to make it while my first batch of tapenade was still good).

- black sea bass with arrowroot spinach, parsnip puree, and vanilla saffron sauce

- chocolate cake with red beets

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