Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dinner #2

We have a menu for our next dinner!

Starter: "bacon and eggs" – poached quail egg and bacon

Main: "surf and turf" – monkfish and oxtail

Dessert: lemon sabayon pine-nut tart with mascarpone cheese

I still haven't decided if i'll do a fourth course. The starter and dessert can both be prepped well ahead of time, so this won't be too stressful of a menu. But on the other hand, i'm going to be SUPER busy throughout the month, so I don't know if i'll have time to plan, shop for, and prepare more than this. We'll see.

And I'm scared of poached eggs. Not really cooking them, i'm sure that will be fine. Eating them. But I'm going to try one. I think.

Note two: where on earth am I going to find salsify in San Diego?

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