Sunday, January 16, 2011


I felt like the cornets were going to be my first really big challenge. I mean, I had to read the instructions for the stencil like 10 times, and I still didn't understand (then I read an article on Get Rich Slowly about reusing plastic packaging containers and the lightbulb went off – that's the kind of container lid the instructions were talking about!). No joke, even with the lightbulb moment, I still think it took an hour to make the stencil. Luckily, the dough was easier.

My butter wasn't really cold enough, even after whisking it in my mixer for ages, so I had the brilliant idea to throw the whole mixer bowl on the stove for a couple of minutes. Worked like a charm, giving me the perfect mayonnaise-like butter consistency.

Hmmm…. I still had the sesame seeds left. And the instructions didn't say to sprinkle them before spreading the batter over the stencil. I read the instructions over and over, then realized I was supposed to sprinkle them over the batter after I had spread it. But wouldn't that make the sesame seeds inside the cone? Then it finally dawned on me: I had to turn the tuiles over before I rolled them. With my bare fingers. On a hot cookie sheet. Sitting on the oven door. Gulp. A little more trepidation about making these things.

It took me FOR-E-VER to spread the dough over the stencil. I kept having holes, the batter was too thick, too thin, too uneven, etc etc. And I still had to turn over burning hot butter-filled batter.

Brandon came over to watch (maybe to laugh) at me as I mentally prepared myself to flip the tuiles and roll them onto the molds. The joke was on him… because it didn't hurt at all! I guess the last year of trying to "sterilize" baby bottles/sippies/etc by using burning hot water has made my fingers impervious to the effects of burning-hot butter. Ha!

And I was left with these: Not quite perfect, but not too bad!


Cornet Molds: Amazon

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