Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lobster Mac n' cheese and Creamy Lobster Broth

I am now a lean, mean, lobster killing machine.  I'm not ready to go all Julia-Childs-style and stab a lobster through the head to kill it, but I can now touch them without screaming.  Take that, cockroaches of the sea.

Other than the killing lobsters/removing all the meat (which is a very time-consuming job), this dish was a snap.  And it was a two-fer!

Lobster bodies:

I cooked the bodies for a couple of minutes...

... then added some rough cut tomatoes and carrots.

Then I added some water and gently simmer it for a looong while.

After that looong time simmering, I strained it, smashed the bodies to get some of the juice out, strained it again, then cooked the stock down.  Eventually I added cream and cooked that down for a long time. I don't remember how long, but I do know that it pretty much took all day.  And that is all there is to lobster broth.

In the meantime, I made "coral oil."  I have to admit, I was skeptical.  I'm not a big fan of roe (even though i'm learning to like caviar, so i'm getting there slowly).  To make coral oil, all you have to do is stick the icky green roe stuff from the lobsters in the mixer with a little oil, and blend.  Add some oil, blend more.  The blender basically cooked the roe, so it quickly turned a much more appetizing coral color, rather than green.

(upon contemplation, I think its weird that I wouldn't eat green oil or that a I think coral colored oil is somehow better, since all the other oils I have made have been green.  I guess its just thinking about the icky green stuff in the lobster that makes me feel this way.)

A very small amount of coral oil, but still enough for the lobster mac' n' cheese.

Next I cooked some orzo.

And chopped up the lobster.

And combined some lobster broth, chopped lobster, and a dusting of (something green.. chives?)

Lobster broth, served along the lobster.

And the mac n' cheese.  One little (big) problem was that I wasn't able to really reduce the lobster broth for the mac n' cheese enough, so it was a little runny.  A ring of coral oil around the orzo/broth/chopped lobster mixture, a lobster tail (gently warmed in butter), and a parmesan 'hat.'  Even runny, it was still delicious.  The coral oil held it in, so i'm glad I made it.

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