Sunday, October 30, 2011

The French Laundry!!

I had dinner there!  It fluctuated from a near-disaster to fantastic.  Even though I knew it was tacky and not becoming of a $____ dinner, I took pictures of each course.  And I will post about it, with pictures, soon (although be warned: they are crappy pictures taken with my iphone and/or blackberry in a dark restaurant... so they are lacking in quality a bit).

It has inspired me to cook more.  But then my 70-hour workweeks as of late have been a bit un-inspiring on the cooking front.  So, we'll see when I do another dinner.  At the very least, I still have at least 6 recipes to blog about, so maybe i'll catch up on that.

Or maybe i'll aim to get a night with 8 hours of sleep.  Either would be satisfying.

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