Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Candied Apple: The Longest Dessert Ever

So, in addition to the fact that this is the longest dessert ever, I wrote this giant long blog post about it.  And published it.  Yet, now, a week after publishing it, it no longer appears.

So... I guess this just means you get pictures!  And to know that this freaking dessert took me THREE DAYS to make.  But it turned out beautifully (well, other than my complete failure in making twisty cookies), so I can't complain much.

Ice cream mis:

Reduce Apple Juice:

Make a custard:

Later, combine and make ice cream.

Moving on: Apple Rings

Cut and core them:

Closer view:

Poach them:

And don't forget to put them in the dessert at the end!

Part 5-jillion: twisty cookies

Cinnamon and sugar:

On puff pastry you already made:

Cut into pieces you can theoretically twist:

Twist them a lot more than this.  In fact, before you do any twisting, look and see what the twisty-cookies are supposed to look like.

(Hint: its not this)

Oh good lord, there is more?!

Creme de farine:

Make "infused" spice liquid

Reminisce about how much you hate cream of wheat while you stir and stir:

Remember this has mascarpone in it, so maybe it won't be so bad:

Put it all together:

Oh, but wait, first you have to make a apple juice reduction (luckily you did this a few days ago and just forgot to take a picture).  And you have to coat the creme de farine discs in milk and panko, and fry up beautifully.

Remember how I said not to forget the apple rings:

Remember those apple rings after having served two; frantically run back in to grab dishes back.  Luckily, once again, everyone is too drunk to notice!

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