Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Salad of Haricot Vert, Tomato, and Chive

After making this, all I can say is... I'm in love with tomato tartare.  Seriously, this was so unexpectedly amazing (I mean, how good can cold green beans and tomatoes be?), I was almost ready to trade my husband in for the ability to eat the whole thing.  Instead, I settled with the measly little bite of amazing tomato tartare.

Not only was this super tasty, it was rather easy.  I started with some roasted tomato petals (conveniently left over from the blini), balsamic, shallot, and chives

Chopped all up and combined... making "tomato tartare."

Next, green beans:

I trimmed, cut, blanched the green beans
Then plunged into ice water, where they sat until I was ready to plate.

Not pictured: right before serving, I whisked the heck out of some cream (and maybe creme fraiche?  Its been a while), and tossed the green beans in.  Because they were cold, it actually helped the whipped cream stay together.

Plating: a little chive oil, tomato, green beans, and dental floss... I mean frisee... with a little tomato powder down the side.

The result?  Nutritious AND delicious!  Seriously, its hard to believe vegetables can taste so good.  This makes me want to go eat some green beans (preferably tossed in cream) right this second, even though its only 8am.  Weird, yes.  But oh-so-good!

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