Monday, June 27, 2011

A Blip in the Action

So, my singular reader may have noticed the extended radio-silence.  I haven't abandoned my blogging efforts.  But I am going through a major life change that is making it much harder to cook.... we are buying a house! 

Yep, one of the specific-avoidance reasons my husband initially used to encouraged me to pursue this project has happened.  It started out so innocuously... oh, look at how affordable a rat-free house is (this is another story for another day, but lets just summarize as: there was only one, it has scarred me for life).  And look at how nice kitchens are in other houses.  How you can fit more than one person in them.  How you can have a face-to-face, rather than face-to-back, conversation while engaging in prep work.  His constant response has been 'but look at how nice your ocean view is from the kitchen sink.'  (A point I cannot refute, and the one thing I am giving up).  But he finally succumbed to months of pressure with looking... and looking has led to buying!

What does this mean for the blog?  Another hiatus.  Well, more of a hiatus from cooking, not necessarily blogging.  Because moving with a toddler, dogs, husband, and two tons of kitchen equipment is time consuming and (apparently) wrecks your wonderfully-organized kitchen.  Particularly when you need to take a new kitchen that is falling apart, and make it into something nice so that it can be a wonderfully-organized kitchen once more.

The upside to giving up cooking for a month?  A wonderful kitchen on the way!  One that we are currently designing!  New cabinets, a new granite countertop that does not require scrubbing with a toothbrush to get the dirt out from the grout, a u-shaped kitchen that will allow me to see people while I am cooking for them (come to think of it, this may be a downside).  And best of all... a dishwasher that makes my dishes CLEANER rather than DIRTIER when I run it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(yes, that sentence both got and deserves a whole row of exclamations.  You've never had to deal with my crap dishwasher that I can do nothing about because I rent.  Speaking of that - does anyone have any good dishwasher recs?)

I have actually volunteered for work involving strippers and power sanders, so maybe i'll take some before and after pictures of the remodel to share.  If I can remember.  In any event... yipppeeee!!!

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  1. Congrats on the house! Can't wait to see the kitchen all fixed up.

    Also, the start of your last paragraph, I definitely lol'ed. "I have actually volunteered for work involving strippers..." love it.

    Personally, I can't wait to move into my first house where I will actually be able to grow my own food without having to rely on rented property for gardening.